Living Tree Planting

We Recommend:

  • Living trees be planted in loose, well-drained soil. Avoid low, wet areas that do not dry out quickly after a heavy rain.
  • The hole should be at least 12 inches larger than the diameter of the root ball and planted only 1-2 inches deeper.
  • Remove the metal basket and twine around the tree trunk
  • Once the tree is settled into the hole and partially filled with soil, add about 5 gallons of water and then add the remaining soil.
  • Add about 2 inches of loose mulch on top to control weeds
  • Stake newly planted trees for two years
  • Space trees at least 15 feet apart in all directions
  • Plant trees at least 20 feet away from buildings
  • Water weekly if it does not rain. Allowing water to drip from a large pail with a small hole in the bottom works very well.
  • Fertilize each spring with a multi-purpose blend fertilizer for conifers

We will be happy to answer your tree culture questions