Our Trees

Christmas Trees You Choose and Cut

We have a nice selection of firs and some spruce, and white pine for cutting.

Canaan Firs are our most popular Christmas tree. They have soft, blue green needles, balsam fragrance and good needle retention. We have a good selection of taller (9′ to 14’) Canaan Fir.  Norway and White Spruce are also great Christmas trees.  Our helpful staff will assist you in selecting, cutting and loading your tree.

Pre Cut Trees

We offer freshly pre-cut fir trees to assist busy customers.

Living Trees

We can prepare some of our trees as “living Christmas tree” so you can both decorate it for your Christmas celebration in your home and then plant it in your landscape for years of beauty to follow. After you select and mark a living tree we can dig and wrap it in burlap and secure it with a strong metal basket. We recommend you place it in a large plastic tub. Cover with damp mulch and use it in your home for about ten days. We provide a complete instruction sheet for tree care in the home and for planting after Christmas. Some of our customers return year after year for another living tree.

We also have a nice selection of small potted trees that can decorate a smaller space and then be planted in your lzandscape.  these are the same trees that we plant.